How do I place an order with Hansel and Gretel Cakes?

Get in touch! I’d love to hear from you. Fill out the contact us form with a few details about what you would like and I will get back to you with a quote and get the ball rolling.


How much notice do you need?  

It’s best to get in touch once you have your date and venue organised. I work on a first in basis and take a limited number of orders each week. Certain months like March-May and August-November fill up particularly fast as a result of the busy wedding season. So it’s always in your best interest to secure your booking sooner rather than later.


Can I try your cake before I order?  

Of course! I offer cake tasting appointments which cost $30.00 which is payable by eftpos or cash on the day. If you proceed to place an order, this amount of taken off your invoice, making it free!


What are the prices for your cakes?

You can find a guide on my pricing page. Each cake is unique in the amount of time required and materials used to complete the design. So for an accurate quote, please get in touch using the contact page.


In general, why are wedding cakes priced what they are?

Making a wedding cake is a very labour intensive process and takes a lot of ingredients to produce. I start working on your cake weeks in advance by ordering and sourcing your ingredients and decorative elements needed. Sometimes your cake might require the preparation of sugar flowers or small handmade decorations which can take hours to make and require adequate time to dry out or cure.

Most wedding cakes take 4-5 days to produce in the kitchen, from the first cake going in the oven to the last decoration being applied. I call your venue and coordinate the best time of arrival for your cake, as well as speak with your florist if you are having fresh flowers applied.

On the day of your wedding I arrive at your venue at their chosen time, stack your cake and apply any final decorative elements or flowers needed. Delivering cakes can be a very delicate and time consuming task. I can sometimes spend hours at your venue applying flowers or making minor design corrections if needed. This is the most important cake you will ever order so I never take this task lightly! It’s important that everything is absolutely perfect.

Other than the actual task of making the cakes, all professional cake makers have overhead costs. From the electricity of running the oven to the cost of council fees and insurance. These fees are also worked into the costing of a wedding cake. At the very bottom of that list, is a personal hourly wage.


How can I work out what size cake I will need?

You will find a guide of each cake size and their serving amounts on the pricing page.


I have some GF guests attending, are you able to cater for them?

I can provide a small GF cutting cake which can be kept in the kitchen and distributed when your main cake is. I recommend this when you have a handful of GF guests and the cake is being used as dessert. If you only have one or two guests whose dietary needs you need to cater for, it may be best to speak with your venue and see if they are able to provide something for them so you don’t need to order an entire extra cake.


Do I pick up my order or will you deliver it?

Delivery is offered on all our orders as this will give you piece of mind on your wedding day. Our delivery range is from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast. We do not deliver to Byron Bay. If your cake is two tiers or smaller in size, you can collect your cake if you prefer.  Three tiers or larger are delivery only as most of the time these cakes are constructed at your venue for ease of transport.