What dessert items can you provide for my wedding? 

Contact us to have a look at our menu of delicious dessert items. If there’s a particular dessert you are after but can’t see it on the menu, let me know! I love creating new dessert options. 


How do I work out how much to spend on my Dessert Table?  

The best way to work out your dessert table budget is to determine how much you would like to spend per head on dessert. Multiply this number by your guest amount and you have your overall budget! We recommend a minimum spend of $12.00 per head, as a guide.


How do I know how many of each item to order?

Easy! I can do that for you. The best way is to let me know which items from the menu you would like and we will work with your budget and determine the item amounts required to cater adequately for your guests. I will send you a draft of recommended item amounts and you can make changes if you wish.


Do you style and set the table for me?

Certainly! We have a wide range of dessert stands, platters and styling items that will give your dessert table that special ‘wow’ factor. Our fee for styling, hire items and setting up the table is $295.00.


What does the styling and hire fee include? 

At your complimentary consult and tasting we discuss the theme or feel you would like to achieve with your dessert table and I make suggestions of items that could be used to achieve this and the styling techniques that would help further. After our meeting I draft a menu and items for you within your budget and send you a mood board which will give you a visual of what the display will look like. Once we have your styling and dessert items exactly how you would like it, I contact your venue and florist if need be to discuss anything required of them. On your wedding day I arrive at your venue to style the space and set up the delicious dessert items ready for your guests to devour.

At the conclusion of your event or the following day I return to clear the space and collect the hire items.


I want to have all the desserts out on display all night, will that be possible?  

Some dessert table items will need to be refrigerated for food safety. There are certain venues which I do not recommend ordering items that require refrigeration as they do not have the facilities to do so. Depending on the timeline of your wedding, the refrigerated items may be able to be brought out as the guests arrive at the venue. This is dependent on the length of time from guest arrival to the dessert table opening. I will be able to best guide you on the dessert items that will work best for you and your event.  


How do I stop my guests from prematurely eating the desserts?

If you are nervous your guests may be too eager to get stuck into your dessert display, the best way to prevent this is with a small sign. Something along the lines of ‘The dessert table will be open after cake cutting’ is most effective.


Is there anything that I should tell my venue or other vendors?

It’s best to check with your venue first to make sure they allow outside vendors to install a dessert table. The only items required from your venue or caterers are small plates for your guests to eat their desserts off and cake forks. This may result in an additional plating charge, so it’s always best to check ahead of time.

I recommend also letting your florist know that you are planning on having a dessert table. It’s always a nice touch to add flowers to your display. I can speak with your florist on your behalf about what additional flowers would be required for the dessert table if you would prefer.


Can I just order the desserts and set the table myself?

Of course! You can order your items from the menu and they can be delivered to your venue or collected prior to the event.