Do you have a shop I can drop in and visit?  

I work from a studio in a private residence and therefore have my tasting appointments by appointment only. So get in touch and I can make an appointment for you!


When can I come in for a tasting appointment?

I hold majority of my cake tasting appointments on Sundays. I find most people have this day off work and it’s one of the few days I’m not in the kitchen. If you are planning from interstate and need to make an appointment to fit with your travel schedule, get in touch and I can arrange an appointment to fit with your schedule.


Do you make your cake from scratch?

YES! All my cakes are baked completely from scratch and I only use the highest quality ingredients in my cakes. This ensures the best flavoured cakes and makes sure your guests will be coming back for more.


Will you have a specific flavour I am wanting to try there on the day?

If there is a specific flavour from the menu you want to be sure to try, let me know! I normally try to have each flavour there on the day but some weeks I may be missing one or two due to not having made that flavour that week. There are always at least seven flavours for you to try from.


How much is a tasting appointment?  

Tasting appointments are $30.00. This can be paid by cash or eftpos on the day. If you decide to go ahead and place an order, this $30.00 will be deducted from your invoice.


Is there anything I should bring to my tasting appointment?  

It’s always a good idea to either bring your fiancée along or a friend/family member to a tasting appointment. Cake tasting appointments are a lot of fun and it’s a nice experience to share this with someone. Also, having another person there to bounce ideas off is a great idea.

Bring along any photos of cakes you have found that you like. This will give me a chance to visualise what it is you are after. If you are wanting some elements of the cake to be colour matched to either bridesmaid dresses or your wedding dress, bring some scraps of the fabric along.

If you have a bit of an idea, I can work on a totally custom design for you at the appointment.


I am ordering a birthday cake, can I come in for a tasting?

Unfortunately, tasting appointments are restricted to wedding cake orders only. At this point in time I do not have the resources to hold tastings for birthday or special occasion orders. I would be happy to discuss your order with you over the phone or over email.